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Bitter Sweet

BITTER SWEET is a wordplay that aptly captures the mixed emotions evoked when reminiscing about beloved animated figures like Tom and Jerry, who exhibited both endearing playfulness and instances of brutal aggression. In addition to the word bittersweet, which expresses mixed emotions of happiness and nostalgia related to past events. The same dichotomy can be observed in the context of children's birthday parties, where friendly competition and vigorous games may sometimes give way to more contentious interactions. Ultimately, the work delves into the intricate nature of these multifaceted experiences and the lasting impressions they leave on our psyche. As children, playing games at birthday parties taught us valuable lessons about determination and competitiveness that we still apply in our adult lives. These traits are evident in various aspects such as politics, workplaces, dating, and more. Bitter Sweet lively colors and tasteful sensibility, inspired by the decorations of children's birthday parties, offer a pleasant distraction from the aggressiveness and gloominess of work.

Photos Above By Amber Ford

Money, 2022

Conscience, 2022

Bitter Sweet, 2022

Killshot, 2022

Eeyore Loses a Tail, 2022

Candy Rush, 2022

We Like Explosions, 2022

Weapons Collection, 2022

DUNCE, 2022

Damn Taz!, 2022

Iris Out, 2022

Pee-Yew!, 2022

Sweet Trap, 2022

Curly-Burly, 2022