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Consumption focuses on how food companies use marketing and product placement to influence viewers into craving and purchasing their products. The dopamine in our brains creates a pleasurable response to food, leading to addiction. The work within this series visually replicates the sensory experience of food advertising and pop culture food references,  evoking the viewer's taste buds and memories through visual means. Additionally, the project addresses issues associated with food companies, such as obesity, false advertising, and more.

Who’s Your King?!  22x28 Inches (2021)

Holographic Meatloaf (Crayola Box 8) Brown= S16, Red= S34, Orange= S04, Yellow= S27, Green=S20, Blue= S11, Purple=S22,Black= S13, Keep Blank= S01 (2020), 4x4 Feet

    Strawberry Shortcake on Grandmas' Candy (2019), 9x12 Inches                                                                                                                                                    Strawberry Shortcake on Grandmas' Candy (2019), 9x12 Inches

Sweet Tooth (2020), 53x56 Inches

McFurbys (2021), 40x40 Inches Squared